Your Regent Park Realtor Knows the Neighbourhood!

Your Regent Park Realtor Knows the Neighbourhood!

Qualities of a Successful Regent Park Realtor

The search for a good condominium – either as an investment or personal residence – starts with a good Regent Park realtor. An exciting new neighbourhood with "a past”, Regent Park is a blossoming community on the east side of Toronto’s downtown. It has much to offer to the discerning condo buyer because of its location, price range and amenities.

Who best to guide you in your purchase of a home in this popular neighbourhood? First, find an agent with local knowledge. Regent Park is a complex development and your best bet for success in finding a home is to hire an agent who has worked in the community and has local sales experience.

Don’t be shy about asking for references, and stipulate that the clients you’d like to talk to are recent ones, and not a special list.

What are the communications skills of your prospective realtor? An agent who is savvy with all forms of technology is going to be up to date on the fluctuations in the market. Furthermore, the agent should be conversant with whatever technology you prefer to use. The relationship of client and agent is usually quite short – but very intense. It’s all about communication.

The Transformation of Regent Park

Regent Park is now immersed in the most innovative chapter of its sometimes troubled history. The 69-acre neighbourhood was home to poor and working class people of mainly British and Irish descent at the turn of the last century. Concern over crime and the quality of housing in the neighbourhood led to the creation of a giant public housing project in Regent Park, which began after the Second World War and continued until final completion in 1960.

Unfortunately the area’s reputation for poverty and crime did not end with the new development and, in fact, was perhaps made worse by the design of the neighbourhood. The community faced inwards, becoming displaced from the massive changes underway in the broader city context.

In 2005 the Regent Park Revitalization Plan was initiated, with the goal of once again transforming the neighbourhood by providing mixed housing, sparkling new community hubs, and a real connection to the city at large. Early indications are that this goal is being met.

Condo Projects in Regent Park.

In partnership with the city and community groups, Regent Park is now home to some of the most progressive housing initiatives in the city. This is reflected in the wealth of amenities – new parks, cultural spaces and sports facilities – as well as the mix of housing, from rental to upscale condos. Developers have also taken this to heart with their condo projects and the new buildings have features that are often absent from other projects.

For example, the DuEast Condos have community rooms that include the traditional gym – and a community yoga room. It also offers a recreation co-ordinator, offering a variety of fitness classes and programming for children and adults.

The neighbouring Wyatt condo also is designed with activity in mind, including special areas for children, including a splash pad, outdoor playground and a state of the art gym. Both buildings are "street-friendly” – edifices that interact with the newly vibrant street life.

Your Regent Park Realtor can steer you to these buildings and others currently going up in this fascinating and evolving neighbourhood.

Sushma Khinvasara is an award winning real estate agent with the expertise necessary to help buyers and sellers of all levels successfully navigate the fast-paced market in the GTA. She has consistently been recognized as a top performer for her brokerage, as well as Century 21 Canada, with a wealth of expertise in the following areas:

  • First time home buyers
  • New residential properties
  • Property leasing
  • Investment properties

Contact Sushma Khinvasara today to discuss all of the benefits of purchasing a Regent Park condo as a living space or as an investment property. Discover everything this exciting area has to offer and find the unit that is perfect for your specific needs.

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